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Since its creation the company has been renowned in the country for its professional standards in projects that it takes. The Studio has worked with Forbes Global Magazine’s country report team in the area of productions of adverts for the supplement report on The Gambia.

The company list of customers range from tourism industry, banks to communication companies. Due to the size of the company, The Studio stands as focal point for getting the right freelancers in all media areas pending on the project it undertakes. Experience has made us understand The Gambian Market and able to guide customers in the right direction and saving them time and money. The Studio has indisputably designed the most logos for companies within The Gambia and in many instances creates most of these companies’ brochures, print ads, T.V. ads, and the design of billboards.


The company was created by Y. Lamin Marenah, a Gambian that has vast experience in different cultures around Africa and the West. He has a B.A. Commercial Art (various media related studies) in Los Angeles, California and one year work experience in the California for Laser Light design house as graphic designer, he also has a diploma in Print Management in Watford, England. Worked for two print companies in management positions in The Gambia, one being Government and the other private.

The Studio has six other full time employees, duties from graphic designers and administration. The Studio has very good relations with print companies (locally and internationally) and other media related organization in the country that it works with on a daily base.


The company works on the same Mac / Pc software (Adobe Indesign CS5, Adobe PageMaker, QuarkXpress, Adobe Photoshop CS5 and Adobe Illustrator CS5) as any other design house in the world, which has been beneficial for any company that needs to produce work in The Gambia and then needs to produce that product out of the country if necessary.

The company is respected by top Gambian companies because of what it has shown to them. This has always been its strength and will always be maintain as the company grows for the future.

T: +220 446 6992
M: +220 983 1414
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